Our Investment Strategies

We currently offer our investors several bespoke UK-regulated equity-based strategies including:

Global Equity Event Driven Fund

Event driven with an Asian bias focusing on a broad range of strategies where there is a perceived catalyst for value creation such as rights issues, holding companies, share class changes, DLC, mergers, spin-off, index events and tender events. The most favourable trade dynamics exhibit asymmetric return profiles and typically have some form of niche element to them such as restricted sell side coverage, cross border/currency or some other complicating factor.

US Blue Chip Yield Enhanced Equity Fund

US centric, large cap/blue-chip/high quality focused, value-driven bottom-up investment approach, using derivatives to enhance yield via covered calls/selling puts on the same high-quality underlying equities.

Themis European Systematic Multi Factor Fund

A systematic multi-factor equity strategy underpinned by disciplined risk management principles, designed to capture alpha irrespective of market and factor cycles and deliver benchmark outperformance with lower volatility. The strategy is underpinned by a diversified long-only basket of 50 liquid European equities which are members of the STOXX600 Index.

Bond and Short Duration Fixed Income Investment Strategies

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Uncorrelated, Duration Neutral Credit Strategies

MIP manages in-house proprietary funds and third-party capital that is subject to discretionary management mandates, which is deployed across a range of market neutral corporate and sovereign bond strategies. Our team seeks to exploit short- and long-term issuer relative value opportunities in investment grade, high yield and subordinated capital markets to produce a duration neutral return stream.

Short Duration

MIP currently offer our investors bespoke cash and short duration fixed income services. Our team of Portfolio Managers structure customised solutions based on our client’s individual preferences and the prevailing regulatory environment. By leveraging our expertise in global bond and money markets our team follow an iterative five-stage process to deliver precisely aligned mandates on an advisory or managed basis.

  1. Investment Objective Definition: client preferences along fixed income risk dimensions of Currency, Duration, Credit, and, Liquidity.
  2. Constraint Application: regulatory proscribed credit quality limitations, internal investment policies or accounting standards.
  3. Investment Framework Definition: A set of investment guidelines that defines the solution.
  4. Structure and Manage Portfolio: Produce a liquid, high quality, diversified portfolio aligned with MIP’s prevailing credit and duration views to maximise returns within the agreed constraints.
  5. Review, discuss and amend: Continuous assessment of strategy applicability as client needs and market opportunities evolve.

MIP’s portfolio management team adopt a disciplined, risk-based approach to portfolio construction. By focussing on diversification and liquidity, portfolios are robust and flexible while providing consistent returns in line with client expectations. MIP are acutely aware that our client’s risk and expected return preferences lie along a continuum. The trade-offs between Liquidity, Credit Risk, Duration and Return determine exact portfolio composition.

Our range of cross-market or balanced strategies aims to provide low volatility, low correlation returns at every stage in the economic and market cycles. We achieve this by strategically combining two or more of our proven equity and fixed income strategies. The investment objective is to achieve a positive return in all market conditions over a rolling three-year period.

We do this by providing largely uncorrelated absolute returns using a balanced allocation approach. Strategic equity and fixed income allocations can also be complemented by a range of opportunistic, tactical, market neutral strategies. These are typically relative value pairs trades in fixed income (rates or credit) and covered option in equity markets.

Our flagship UCITs fund, Principal Asset Allocation, serves to showcase these ‘all-weather’ Market Neutral Strategies.

More information can be found here: http://www.marianainvestments.com/adviser/iht/.

Through our external partners and affiliates within the Mariana UFP Group, MIP provides its investors with access to a range of high-quality investment opportunities. These can be structured to suit the specific requirements of our investors for example through managed account services or listed and private fund structures.

Small and Medium sized Enterprise (SME) Working Capital Financing

Diversified senior secured debt returns in Europe through collateralised financing of trade and supply chain receivables, inventory flows, working capital and term loan credit solutions for hand-picked European SMEs. Through our affiliate, Finance Flow Partners LLP, we are able to bring deep experience and high-quality deal flow to our investors, through structured financing transactions that bridge the gap between fixed-term fund deployment (required by institutional investors and family offices) and short-term, flexible funding (required by small and medium corporate borrowers).

Real Estate

Working with Urban Splash Residential Advisers, MIP as the Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM), is able to access institutional-quality UK portfolios of private rented sector properties which are owned by the Urban Splash Fund, providing long term stable returns across a range of developments.

Through its group affiliate, Mariana Real Estate, MIP is able to introduce its clients to bespoke property portfolio management and investment packages. Mariana Real Estate is a dynamic investment focused real estate agency specialising on London’s vibrant property market.

MIP aspires to create long term partnerships with its clients. To us, this means establishing a flexible, iterative dialogue to deliver advisory as well as discretionary management services.

We pride ourselves on the diversity of our products, structures and advice. Our strength lies in our substantial experience, deep knowledge and hard work which helps us deliver the insight our clients expect. It allows us to structure and implement bespoke and creative strategies efficiently and within required timelines. Our team at MIP work with Investors to fully understand their investment objectives, risk tolerances and constraints, to define and customise appropriate solutions.